wedding photography for adventurous hearts that love to laugh

Meet Kaci Lou

Hi there!

I am a wedding photographer based in Utah that lives to capture moments of joy for adventurous couples that are best friends. I love to travel :)

Kaci Lou Couples:

Love to explore

Often go barefoot or get their shoes dirty

Embrace the wind in their hair 

Laugh as much as they love-which is a lot

Dance like no one is watching

If any of those sound like you, we are going to get along just fine!

Our Love Story

Leap Day It Is...

 I'm an adventurous, free-spirited, kind, ambitious, follow your passions type of girl. I wasn't out to find a husband, but when you know you know right! We are so different and are not perfect by any means, but we are perfect for each other. He makes me smile everyday! 

I met my man in college. We were married on leap day 2012. It was supposed to be June, but when I realized it was leap year I was like we HAVE to elope on the 29th . He proposed in a fort and we were married in a fort made of PVC pipes, blankets, and Christmas lights because that is how we roll. 


1. How We Met

2. The Longest Date Ever

3. Saying I Love You

4. The Proposal(s)

5. Wedding Day

My Favorite Things

The Ocean


Dr. Pepper

My motivation

Why I love Photographing Weddings

Every life is precious. Your story deserves to be documented because it is special and unique. I have experienced loss and photos are all you have left to treasure the amazing people in your life. 


Phone: 480-442-8410