Meet Kaci Lou

Hi there!

 I am a Mesa, Arizona portrait and wedding photographer (available for travel)

I can't wait to hear your love story! 


About Me

 I'm an adventurous, free-spirited, kind, ambitious, follow your passions type of girl. I believe in forever.  I wasn't out to find a husband, but when you know you know right! We are so different and are not perfect by any means, but we are perfect for each other. He makes me smile everyday :) I met my man in college and we were married on leap day 2012. It was supposed to be June, but when I realized it was leap year I was like we HAVE to elope on the 29th .  He proposed in a fort and we were married in a fort made of PVC pipes, blankets, and Christmas lights because that is how we roll. We now have a beautiful little love-filled family of 4.5 (I have a golden retriever child). In my spare time I love to swim and also explore new places!

My motivation

Why I love couples

Marriage is the foundation of a family. Children and grandchildren will get to see your love in your wedding photos. I love being a part of the wedding day because I have been there, it can be so emotional, I want to help you just enjoy it. Let's make this last forever.

My style


 I love overexposed and warm images with sun flare whenever possible. My posing is also very light, I want you to feel natural and comfortable. I don't want to weigh you down with stiff, awkward posing. My portrait shoots take place in natural light so you don't feel overwhelmed with lots of equipment and bright flashes that blind you. 


 You can expect to giggle, laugh, maybe even snort during the shoot. I'm a little energetic and quirky and will do what it takes to capture the happiest version of you. Glitter, bubbles, sparklers are encouraged

In the Moment

 The best moments are the unposed ones, that moment after you have been holding your smile for 5 minutes. Or when your fiance is helpin you climb down from a ledge I made you sit on. Or right before and after the kiss that is pure love. That is what I love to capture, the moment when it seems like no one is around but you two

Some Of my favorite things


Water color by Minerva Theiresa. I try to follow him as best I can. I converted to the gospel when I was 20 years old and have never looked back.

My Family

My husband is my best friend! I love my sweet son and daughter with all my heart. 

My 3rd Child

Meet Remmy, he keeps our life interesting.


I love anything to do with water especially the ocean. I am partial to smart water <3 I drink like a mermaid.


I'm not that great, but dance all the time. It is a life goal to dance en pointe!


I love to travel and explore new places

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